Fragments #43-44: The Website

The idea emerged end of the 2012, the work started soon afterwards, and the first prototype was born mid-2013… But the first “definitive” version of Fragments #43-44 saw the day in August 2014. During this year and a half (more or less) of development, the system had some crash tests in our “laboratories”, and tryouts live, in some nice venues and festivals. Of course, nothing had been treated lightly, and each version was stable, and as close as possible to the final result.

Fragments live - Point CUlture - pour site 1

Bit it is amazing that even if we took all the necessary precautions and decisions, the reactions of the audience regarding the installation version was as important as our theoretical ideas. This means that the interactive aspect of the system is a mash-up between our researches and the observation of the audience.

So thanks to Numediart, François Zajéga, Yacine Sebti, LoÏcRebourisère, Fabien Grisard, the bookers who trusted us, and as of course to the audience.

Fragments live - Point CUlture - pour site 2