Fragments #43-44

interactive installation

Fragments @ Ars Musica, December 2014.

I had the great honor to be part of the 2014’s edition from the prestigious Ars Musica Festival, as Musician (sharing the evening with the guys from the G.R.M.) and digital “art-ist”, as Fragments “43-44” had been shown at La Raffinerie during a week-end. What a treat ! Here are some souvenirs…

A little bit of History

Fragments #43-44 was born out of a collaboration between Numediart and myself, around mid-2012. Numediart was working at the time on a system to classify data (sounds, images…) in a very fast and accurate manner, I was looking for new instruments to create sounds and compose music (as always). For years I was into a … Continue reading A little bit of History

Fragments #43-44: The Website

The idea emerged end of the 2012, the work started soon afterwards, and the first prototype was born mid-2013… But the first “definitive” version of Fragments #43-44 saw the day in August 2014. During this year and a half (more or less) of development, the system had some crash tests in our “laboratories”, and tryouts … Continue reading Fragments #43-44: The Website